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toraratings's Journal

Toradora! Rating Community - とらドラ!
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Toradora! A Rating Community - とらドラ!

01. Rules
02. Rules
1. Do not troll please! Be polite and respectful to everyone
2. You need to be part of this community in order to post
3. Applications will go behind a lj-cut please! If you don't, you'll be warned and in a 24 hour period the post will be deleted
4. When writing your application please be honest with yourself and with those that are going to post, don't write your application in order to get a specific character because then what's the point?
5. Please vote for other applications while you wait to be voted, remember the community will only move if you post! In order to make this work, please give 3 links to show your votes in you application! If you don't give us the links, you'll receive a warning and a period of 48h to correct it. If there's no one to vote for, please vote when there is.
6. You'll be stamped after having 5 votes, if after a period of two weeks you do not have those votes, we'll (mods) make a mod post in order to get you stamped
7. Bold your character vote otherwise the vote won't be counted
8. Please when voting, be kind enough to give the person in question, a reason.
9. Sheep-vote is not allowed. Try to ignore others votes while you make your decision. If you agree, perfect, if you don't, don't be afraid to say so.
10. To see if you really read the rules, please write something about Preparade in the subject of your post.
11. You can re-apply if you are not happy with your character vote, please wait one week after you get stamped and state on the subject line that you're getting a re-stamp including the name of the character of the previous stamp!
12. Please tag your entries "!unstamped" when filling out new applications from now on
03. Application
04. Affiliation






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Thanks to talesof_rating for the temporary loan of their rules until this community gets set up on its feet properly.